Jared G. Galloway

Wickiup Reservoir, Oregon

About me

I’m currently a research associate at Fred Hutch as well as a bioinformatics and genomics graduate student at the University of Oregon BGMP. Before this, I worked as a scientific programmer and research assistant in the Ralph and Kern Labs.

Utilizing a backgound in computer science and an interest in biological mechanisms, I have focused on using machine learning and simulation techniques to understand how evolutionary forces influence the variation we see in species’ genomes. More specifically, I’m interested in how we can leverage this understanding of evolution, in conjuction with data science, to infer things about our genome such as recombination rates, genotype-to-phenotype maps, and demographic history through time. 

jgallowa (at) uoregon.edu | (406) 579-6768 | github.com/jgallowa07