Jared G. Galloway

Hi There! 

I’ve recently graduated from the University of Oregon where I primarily studied computer science and population genetics with a minor in product design. My interest in biological mechanisms has led me to explore population genetics as a research analyst in the Ralph Lab and the Kern Lab.  The focus of my latest project is training deep learning models (Neural Networks), to make predictions about regions of the genome experiencing the impact of various evolutionary forces, given the genealogical history of a set of simulated samples. 

If you’re so inclined, have a look at my résumé / CV


Departmental Honors in Computer and Information Science, BS

Minor in Product Design

University of Oregon, Eugene

Graduation Date: June, 2018

honors diploma - Bozeman High School

jgallowa@cs.uoregon.edu  | (406) 579-6768 |  GitHub