Creative Coding

    Jared G. Galloway

Image Manipulator, C++

Built from the ground up using only the C++ standard library and Vector’s, I have created an Object Oriented approach to an Image Manipulator.  

The filtered images on this page originated from my chalkboard doodles, and were amplified by my program. 

Squirrel Suiter, C# Unity 

A lowpoly twist of an infinite runner.

All Assets, Models, Terrain, Code, Music & Sounds, made original by Clayton Kilmer, Anisha Malynur, Palmer Hogen, Brett Merril and Myself.

In this infinite “flyer” you play a jetpack-equipped flying squirrel, avoiding obstacles and munching acorns to gain the highest score. the player can barrel roll to avoid obstacles by pressing the space bar while headed left or right.

My contributions - Project Manager, Physics, Linear Algebra, Level Design.

3D Music Visualizer

Music visulizer, envisioned for
Microsoft Hololense

My most recent project with Palmer Hogen, This project is the ground work for an interactive 3D music visulizer app, developed for microsoft hololense.


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