Jared G. Galloway, M.Sc.

Wickiup Reservoir, Oregon

(Note: This website is quite out-of-date. For my most current works, see my ORCiD)

About me

I’m currently a computational biologist with the Matsen & Overbaugh groups at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. I graduated from the University of Oregon BGMP. Before this, I worked as a scientific programmer and research assistant in the RalphKern Labs.

Utilizing a backgound in computer science and an interest in biological mechanisms, I’m currently focusing my attention on studying the adaptive immune system. More broadly, I’m interested in using clever design to engineer lasting, useful, and open-source software for biologists and bioinformaticians alike. 

if you’re so inclined, here’s my CV

jgallowa (at) fredhutch.org | (406) 579-6768 | github.com/jgallowa07