Jared G. Galloway, M.Sc.

Mackenzie River

2022 (Preprint & under review)  

Willcox A, Sung K, Garrett ME, Galloway JG, O’Connor MA, Erasmus JH, Logue JK, Hawman DW, Chu HY, Hasenkrug KJ, Fuller DH, Matsen FA, Overbaugh J.Macaque-human differences in SARS-CoV-2 Spike antibody response elicited by vaccination or infection.
Europe PMC. Under review.


Meghan E. Garrett*, Jared G. Galloway* (co-first author), Caitlin Wolf, Helen Chu, Frederick A. Matsen IV^, Julie Overbaugh^.  
Spike epitopes differ between antibodies elicited by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines versus infection.  BioArxiv. Under review.


Franz Baumdicker1, Gertjan Bisschop, Daniel Goldstein, Graham Gower, Aaron P. Ragsdale, Georgia Tsambos, Sha Zhu, Bjarki Eldon, Castedo E. Ellerman, Jared G. Galloway, Ariella L. Gladstein, Gregor Gorjanc, Bing Guo, Ben Jeffery, Warren W. Kretzschmar, Ivan Krukov, Konrad Lohse, Michael Matschiner, Dominic Nelson, Nathaniel S. Pope, Consuelo D. Quinto-Cortés, Murillo F. Rodrigues, Kumar Saunack, Thibaut Sellinger, Kevin Thornton, Hugo van Kemenade, Anthony W. Wohns , H. Yan Wong , Simon Gravel,† , Andrew D. Kern,† , Jere Koskela,† , Peter L. Ralph† , and Jerome Kelleher,‡
Efficient ancestry and mutation simulation with msprime 1.0. BioArxiv .  Published in Genetics.

Hannah L. Itell, Haidyn Weight, Carolyn S. Fish,  Jennifer K. Logue, Nicholas Franko, Caitlin R. Wolf, Denise J. McCulloch, Jared G. Galloway, Frederick A. Matsen IV,  Helen Y. Chu,  Julie Overbaugh. SARS-CoV-2 antibody binding and neutralization in dried blood spot eluates and paired plasma. MedArxiv  |  Published in Microbiology Spectrum

Meghan E Garrett, Jared G. Galloway, Helen Y Chu, Hannah L Itell, Caitlin I Stoddard, Caitlin R Wolf, Jennifer K Logue, Dylan McDonald, Frederick A Matsen, Julie Overbaugh . High resolution profiling of pathways of escape for SARS-CoV-2 spike-binding antibodies .  Published in Cell Reports

Caitlin I Stoddard, Jared G. Galloway, Helen Y Chu, Mackenzie M Shipley, Hannah L Itell, Caitlin R Wolf, Jennifer K Logue, Ariana Magedson, Kevin Sung, Meghan Garrett, Katharine HD Crawford, Uri Laserson, Frederick A Matsen, Julie Overbaugh .  Epitope profiling reveals binding signatures of SARS-CoV-2 immune response and cross-reactivity with endemic HCoVs . published in Cell Reports


Jeffrey R. Adrion, Jared G. Galloway (co-first), Andrew D. Kern. Inferring the landscape of recombination using recurrent neural networks. BioArxiv - Published in Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Jeffrey R. Adrion, Christopher B. Cole, Noah Dukler, Jared G. Galloway,  Ariella L. Gladstein,  Graham Gower,  Christopher C. Kyriazis,  Aaron P. Ragsdale, Georgia Tsambos, Franz Baumdicker, Jedidiah Carlson,  Reed A. Cartwright,  Arun Durvasula, Bernard Y. Kim,  Patrick McKenzie, Philipp W. Messer, Ekaterina Noskova,  Diego Ortega-Del Vecchyo,  Travis J. Struck,  Simon Gravel,  Ryan N. Gutenkunst,  Peter L. Ralph,  Daniel R. Schrider,  Adam Siepel,  Jerome Kelleher,  Andrew D. Kern . A Community Maintained Standard Library of Population Genetic Models.  Published in elife


Jared G. Galloway (first), William A. Cresko, and Peter L. Ralph.  A few stickleback suffice for the transport of alleles to new lakesPublished in G3

Benjamin C. Haller,  Jared G. Galloway,  Jerome Kelleher,  Philipp W. Messer,  Peter L. Ralph.  Tree‐sequence recording in SLiM opens new horizons for forward‐time simulation of whole genomesPublished in Molecular Ecology Resources 

Honors Projects (Theses)

Jared G. Galloway, Nick Wagner, Annie Wang. Convolutional Neural Networks For Spot Detection. Masters research Project at the  University of Oregon.   Poster - Repository

Jared G. Galloway.  Speeding up the Tortoise: A Case Study in Optimizing Forward-Moving Evolutionary Simulations. Undergraduate honors thesis at the  University of Oregon

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