Jared G. Galloway

Mckenzie River

Under Review

Jeffrey R. Adrion, Christopher B. Cole, Noah Dukler, Jared G. Galloway (joint first author),  Ariella L. Gladstein,  Graham Gower,  Christopher C. Kyriazis,  Aaron P. Ragsdale, Georgia Tsambos, Franz Baumdicker, Jedidiah Carlson,  Reed A. Cartwright,  Arun Durvasula, Bernard Y. Kim,  Patrick McKenzie, Philipp W. Messer, Ekaterina Noskova,  Diego Ortega-Del Vecchyo,  Travis J. Struck,  Simon Gravel,  Ryan N. Gutenkunst,  Peter L. Ralph,  Daniel R. Schrider,  Adam Siepel,  Jerome Kelleher,  Andrew D. Kern . A Community Maintained Standard Library of Population Genetic Models. BioArxiv.  - Under Review at elife.


Jeffrey R. Adrion, Jared G. Galloway, Andrew D. Kern. Inferring the landscape of recombination using recurrent neural networks. BioArxiv - Accepted in Molecular Biology and Evolution


Jared G. Galloway, William A. Cresko, and Peter L. Ralph.  A few stickleback suffice for the transport of alleles to new lakes. Published in G3BioArxiv 

Benjamin C. Haller,  Jared Galloway,  Jerome Kelleher,  Philipp W. Messer,  Peter L. Ralph.  Tree‐sequence recording in SLiM opens new horizons for forward‐time simulation of whole genomes. Published in Molecular Ecology ResourcesBioArxiv.


Jared Galloway, Nick Wagner, Annie Wang. Convolutional Neural Networks For Spot Detection. Masters research Project at the  University of Oregon.   Poster - Repository

Jared Galloway.  Speeding up the Tortoise: A Case Study in Optimizing Forward-Moving Evolutionary Simulations. Undergraduate honors thesis at the  University of Oregon. PDF

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