Jared G. Galloway

Mckenzie River


Jeffrey R. Adrion, Jared G. Galloway, Andrew D. Kern. Inferring the landscape of recombination using recurrent neural networks. BioArxiv. (submitted to plos-bio)


Jared G. Galloway, William A. Cresko, and Peter L. Ralph. A few stickleback suffice for the transport of alleles to new lakes. Accepted by G3BioArxiv 


Benjamin C. Haller,  Jared Galloway,  Jerome Kelleher,  Philipp W. Messer,  Peter L. Ralph.  Tree‐sequence recording in SLiM opens new horizons for forward‐time simulation of whole genomes. Accepted by Molecular Ecology ResourcesBioArxiv.


Jared Galloway.  Speeding up the Tortoise: A Case Study in Optimizing Forward-Moving Evolutionary Simulations. Undergraduate honors thesis at the  University of Oregon. PDF

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